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Caldwell Training – Located in Reno, NV – focuses on improving not only your performance but your overall quality of life. Our individualized approach to personal training focuses on functionality and the mastery of all components of fitness, for every level of client. We aim to inspire our community to become their best selves by prioritizing their health and fitness.

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Owner / Founder

Grady Caldwell

Being active and competitive was a major part of life growing up. Beginning in his early youth, Grady participated in as many sports as he could, and it didn’t take long before he discovered his talent and passion for playing baseball. Baseball was all Grady could think about on and off the field. It was through baseball where he was introduced to the weight-room and how weight training could directly impact his strength and performance. Grady instantly fell in love with being in the weight room training. His new-found knowledge, strength, and performance gains propelled him to become an All-American Collegiate Athlete.

Even after Grady’s athletic career came to an end, his love for the weight room, movement, and nutrition continued. This led him to pursue a career focused on helping people better themselves through movement, nutrition and what he would come to learn to be the most vital aspect…mindset. Grady’s favorite part of coaching is helping people learn how to train, fuel and take care of their body for a lifetime.

Some of Grady’s other passions include – strong coffee, jiu jitsu, dogs and all things sports/outdoors.

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