“Grady is a phenomenal trainer and He changed my life and workouts with mobility work. I always thought I had decent mobility, but the movement and range I have after working with Grady has increased immensely. He truly has the knowledge and experience to help you at any stage . You will see the difference.”

– Kelly L.

“I’ve trained with Grady most of the past 6-8 months and am pleased to offer an unqualified rave review for his services. I’m in my 60s, and have been around the block quite a bit with fitness trainers, coaches, etc. Grady is hands-down the best I’ve experienced. He demonstrates his mastery of the science and practice of training and integrates that into his workouts, etc. With Grady, I began expanding not only my strength and endurance, but also my flexibility and mobility. He will work with you on whatever your goals may be, including weight loss, diet, etc.

Over the years, I have noticed that many coach/trainers shave off 5-10 minutes a session by leaving you on a treadmill or the like or simply ending before your time is up. Grady always gives me the full time I pay for. He also follows up on your goals and progress on a regular basis. He speaks from a standpoint of knowledge and expertise but is able to communicate without being snooty or judgmental. And he’s just a friendly and personable guy who is easy to work with, but also a challenge.

If you’ve been considering a personal trainer or coach, I highly recommend that you give his services a try!”

– Peter H.

“I was in search of a trainer that followed the same fitness philosophies as I do. I was looking to move better and correct my form on all of the big lifts. I was lucky to find Grady through a mutual fitness acquaintance. I was only planning to see someone a couple of times, but after my first meeting with him I knew I had to spend more time with him. My squat, the biggest struggle, continues to improve, I hit a deadlift PR with him and have learned so much about WHY I have been struggling with certain things. I am looking at my workouts beyond just lifting and now learning to focus more on proper movement. I love his no-nonsense approach and how he takes the time to explain things. Grady knows his stuff. I highly recommend Caldwell Training.”

– Jessica R.

“I trained with Grady for the last six months and can honestly say I am at my strongest because of his guidance. His wealth of knowledge about anatomy and training are incorporated into every workout and he is able to explain the reasoning behind every movement. He seems to have a true passion for training and I’m confident he can help anyone achieve their fitness goals.”

– Jessica A

“I had the chance to workout with Grady for about 7 months this past year. Nothing is more motivating then getting to work with a high-spirited and hilarious trainer like him. He’s very knowledgeable in what he does. All though he’s a blast to work out with, he takes his profession seriously. He takes time to figure out what works best for his clients. In August, I hurt my shoulder and Grady was able to adjust the workouts I was doing in order to strengthen my shoulder during the healing process. I highly recommend the guy to anyone who is looking for a kick-a** trainer.”

– Mandy M.

“I had the pleasure of training with Grady for around 7 months. In that time I gained so much strength, muscle tone and technique. He is the ultimate professional while making workouts fun. Grady got to know me and my abilities so he could customize movements and maximize their effect. Grady is the best trainer I’ve ever had and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to progress in their training!”

-Karly M