Are you ready to start feeling your best? Kinstretch is a program that focuses on body control, strength and flexibility. The purpose of Kinstretch is to give your body more movement options, allowing you to move more efficiently to unlock your power, speed, and flexibility in a safe, sustainable way.

Kinstretch, unlike other approaches, utilizes an active range of motion (i.e. mobility training) to build your foundation. Instead of perfecting a yoga pose or getting a better position in your squat, Kinstretch works to improve the overall capacity of your body. When this is achieved, the yoga pose gets easier and the bottom of that squat is deeper and stronger.


Exercise is an invention. The average human lifestyle currently does not prepare the body for the majority of exercises being performed in the gym. By this, we mean that most people do not have or understand the required capacity to perform a movement safely. Furthermore, when you are doing movements beyond your capacity, and adding weight, sustaining a healthy body and exercise strategy will be difficult.

The goal of Kinstretch is not to replace Crossfit, Soul Cycle, yoga, or anything else you love to do. The purpose of Kinstretch is to make sure your body is prepared, maintained, and set up to safely perform whatever you want it to achieve.


The Kinstretch assessment process takes a community-driven Kinstretch program to another level of individuality ensuring you have everything you need to accomplish your goals. The purpose is to make sure that you first and foremost, FEEL the improvement in your body. Secondarily, the Kinstretch assessment demonstrates the correlation between the scientific outcomes that are assessed:

Dr. Andreo Spina, the creator of FRS and Kinstretch, explains the process below:

  1. Determine Physical Capacities
    • This is our assessment.
  2. Program within those capacities
    • This is the supplementary strength and conditioning work we provide including regressions and progressions.
  3. Program additional work to expand those capacities where desired/needed.
    • This is the work we do in class and double up on individually ensuring you are improving your exact needs that were highlighted from our assessment.
  4. Repeat.
    • At the end of our 8-week program you reassess and determine the success of your hard work. This serves as our guide for the next 8 weeks as you progress to the next level.

The truth is that most personal trainers are not operating on this level of systematic training. With Kinstretch, the process is laid out efficiently to help you systematically move better, perform better, and feel better.


Your results in the Kinstretch program could be that you feel that your shoulder doesn’t hurt anymore.

The scientific outcome could be that your shoulder rotation has increased by 15 degrees with full range control and you have added 15 lbs to your shoulder press.

The goal for everyone in Kinstretch is to help them DO ANYTHING. With the proper progression accompanied by the right amount of work, the Kinstretch program will help you do just that.


One of the first questions people ask when learning about Kinstretch is whether or not it’s like yoga. The way we like to explain it is, “Yoga makes you better at yoga. Kinstretch makes you better at life, especially your yoga practice.”

Kinstretch has been referred to as strength training for your joints. This is a good way for people new to mobility training to think about the process.


One of the major components that truly defines Kinstretch is the preventive aspect. The truth is that there is no such thing as injury prevention, only injury mitigation.

Kinstretch is designed to prepare for when injuries inevitably happen.

As Dr. Spina says, “Force is the language of cells” and “If you do not use it, you lose it.”

Kinstretch is the systematic implementation of internal and external loading to maintain and improve your joints. It’s never too late or early to start!


The Kinstretch program at Caldwell Training is the specific application of scientific principles based on a thorough individual assessment. When you work with us, you are not doing a random flow the teacher made up on the spot. Instead, you are participating in a structured progression of different movements geared towards improving your base program. Contact us today to start your journey to moving and feeling your best.

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